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    How We Make Our Products

    Founded in September 2014, Vision Exports started in a factory sized at 1,20,000 sq.ft. but steadily grew to a build-up area of 3,00,000 sq.ft. in just a few years. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to ensuring high standards of workmanship at every step of production. With a large factory of over 1 lac sq.ft., we’ve been able to produce at a fast-track speed while the state-of-the-art machinery ensures optimum quality at every level of production. Currently, the factory is fitted with over 315 latest machines. 

    With a dedicated team of over 570 employees, Vision Exports has successfully collaborated with the best home decor brands in the world. Our current turnover stands at USD 16.5 Million. Moving forward, we plan to make our production sustainable and reduce wastage. 

    Our team begins the process of designing and production with a thorough research of the trends and the market. Our designers and sample developers are continuously creating in-trend designs, rendering them first on CADs. 


    From fabrication to finishing, we control and monitor every step of the process to achieve the quality you seek. Our factory houses the latest fabrication facilities, including hammering, sheet & wire cutting, casting, peeling, and more. Our finishing techniques include everything from phosphate colouring, oxidised antiquing to polishing. Our strengths mainly include designing home decor and furniture using wood, sheet metal, and pipe combination.

    We’ve simplified our production process, from the start to the finish, for optimum utilisation of resources and timely deliveries. Here’s a list of the machineries available at our factory:

    Additionally, we are in the process of launching a factory that is 3x bigger than our existing unit. Equipped with advanced machineries, it will help us in achieving our growth objectives and cater to the varied demand of products.

    Plant and Machines for Wooden Furniture Manufacturing:

    • Panel Saw
    • Double Side Planer
    • Rip saw
    • CrossCut saw
    • High-frequency Clamp
    • Glue Spreader
    • Tenon and Mortiser
    • Dove-tail Machine
    • Wide belt sander
    • CNC Router 
    • Spindle moulder
    • Pillar Drill
    • Dust Collector
    • Compressor
    • Band Resaw
    • Cold Press
    • Six Head Boring Machine

    Plant and Machines for Metal Furniture Manufacturing:

    • CNC Fiber Laser
    • CNC Pipe Bending
    • Press Break 100T
    • Latest Metal Welding Machine
    • Power Press 30T
    • Pipe Cutter
    • Sheet Rolling

    Finishing Techniques for Wood Includes:

    • Sanding Stations
    • Liquid Spray Booths
    • Accelerated Drying Chambers

    Finishing Techniques for Metal Includes:

    • Pre Treatment
    • Powder Coating
    • Liquid Spray Paint
    • Drying
    • Electro platting
    • EPL coating
    • Steel polishing

    A Step Towards Sustainability

    With growth, comes responsibility. In the next 5 years, we aim to adopt sustainable methods of production and supply to make Vision Exports one of the most Eco-friendly companies in the industry.

    Zero Liquid Discharge

    We have been operating on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) model since our inception and have been an environment friendly company.

    Recently, we have initiated a Water Treatment Plant of capacity 110 KLD, which will be operational by March 2021. This will enable us to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) as well as Green Factory status soon. We will be the first company in the region to operate on ZLD model.


    Solar Power Plant

    We have installed our first Solar Power Plant in October 2019. Our Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) plant boats a capacity of 225.9 kW, having 572 solar modules with a capacity of 395W each. Our Annual Solar generation stands at 215430.6 kWh while the current electricity consumption is approx. 10 Lac kWh. We are planning to further expand our Solar Plant by adding a capacity of 500 kW. This step will help us fulfill more than 75% of our energy need through Renewable Energy Source.

    Rainwater Harvesting

    We have a Rain Water Harvesting system with an annual recharge capacity of 8432 cubic meters of water provided with a storage tank of 304 cubic meters which can be reused in process after filtration.

    INFRASTRUCTURE_Rainwater Harvestin

    Welfare and Development

    We at Vision Exports take proactive measures towards the welfare of our employees like regular health check-ups, provision of various financial schemes, and the best working conditions. We also actively participate in plantation activities and keeping a balance between the ecosystem and economy by adapting to sustainable means.

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